Where I came from: I was born in Des Moines, Iowa and grew up just outside the city in Waukee. I've lived in Iowa, South Dakota, China, England, Michigan and Texas and have learned that all of those places hold beauty, but Iowa will always be my home.

My family: Michael is my partner in parenting and pastoring. We've been married since 2003, and together we are raising three of the most hilarious, beautiful, inspiring, creative . . . and frustrating creatures ever. Every single day with our three girls is an adventure, and I look forward to each one.  


My favorite meal: Anything with roasted veggies, garbanzo beans and cheese.

Michael Hardeman - Pastor


Where I came from: I was born and raised in the booming metropolis of Leighton, Iowa (population 163), and I attended and graduated from Pella Christian Schools. I graduated from Northwestern College here in Orange City in 2000 with a degree in business administration. I graduated from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan in 2003. From 2003 to 2011, I served as co-pastor of Alton Reformed Church in Alton, Iowa; from 2011-2014 I served as co-pastor of the Reformed Church in Plano in Plano, Texas; and I began serving as co-pastor of American Reformed Church in January 2015.

My family: I married Elizabeth Ann Brown Hardeman in 2003. We have three strong, intelligent, and beautiful girls who—at times make us laugh and at times make us cry—but always make us exceedingly grateful for the exhilarating call to be their parents.

My favorite meal: I’ve been married long enough to know that the right answer to this question is anything Elizabeth cooks! J She makes an incredible vegetarian shepherd’s pie (she’s a vegetarian, I’m not). If I’m dining out, I enjoy a good steak, Mexican food, or barbeque. Obviously, my taste buds were forever impacted by living in Texas for three years.

  • Laura Jonker - Director of Children's Ministry


    Where I came from: I grew up in the countryside outside of Brandon, WI until I came to Orange City to attend Northwestern College. Now I live in a quaint home with four other recent graduates. We bond over cups of tea, Downton Abbey shows, and late night theological discussions!

    My family:​ I am the third daughter of five children. Since we live in 4 different states and two countries, we don't see each other often. However, we love to cook exotic foods, play music, travel and play board games together when we do connect. We may all be blondies, but we are each unique and quite different! I'm the only one who sings opera, eats a jar of peanut butter every other week, and has run over 8 miles at one time.


    My favorite meal: I love stir fry and rice! No matter what vegetables you choose, frying them with a bit of garlic and oregano always makes a delicious meal. Last week, I made my housemates a sweet potato-egg-celery-onion-carrot-stir fry combo that surprised us all with its flavor! I try to be somewhat adventurous with my food. :)

  • Rosalyn De Koster - Director of Youth Ministry


    Where I came from: I grew up in Hospers, Iowa, graduated from MOC-FV and Northwestern College.  At NWC I lived in Fern Smith and enjoyed the looks of confusion of student's faces when I told them I was from Hospers but lived in Fern. I currently reside in Hull, Iowa with my husband and son.

    My family: I am the wife of Philip, our choir director, the mother of Joshua, the daughter of Doug & Pam De Haan, the daughter-in-law of John & Glenda De Koster, the sister of Rachelle Gewecke, Jonathan, Rebecca, and David, the sister-in-law of Michael Gewecke and Luke & Fiona De Koster, the aunt of Emily & Olivia, JC & Mali, and I want a partridge in a pear tree.

    My favorite meal: I enjoy food too much to have one favorite meal. I like food that pairs well with avocado or sweet potatoes. One of my favorite meals that combines both is a Sweet Potato Quinoa Turkey Chili with cheese, green onions, and avocado toppings. This meal also includes cheese, one of my favorite foods.  Add a side of homemade applesauce and I am a happy eater.

  • Mary Abels - Administrative Assistant


    Where I came from:  Born and raised in Sheldon, Iowa.

    My family: Husband, 1 Daughter & son-in-law and 1 Son & daughter-in-law, 5 grandchildren

    My favorite meal: Any meal…as long it contains NO pork, fish or brussel sprouts!

  • Rusty MarinCovich - Facilities Coordinator


    Where I came from: I grew up in Northern California in a little town about the size of Orange City, named Dixon.

    My family: I met my wife Gail in Hawaii, on Christmas Day 1972, where I was living after my tour in the Navy. She and her family came to visit her brother Bryan, who I had become very good friends with while in the Navy. She returned to Hawaii that summer and we began dating. She is the angel that the Lord used to introduce me to Him, as we had never met. My life was changed forever. We married 41 years ago and have two boys -- Ryan who lives in a suburb of Las Vegas, NV. and Ben who lives in Sheridan, CO. Gail retired from teaching high school English for 21 years at MOC-FV and I retired from EZ-Liner. We are enjoying retirement! Gail is doing some subbing and I am enjoying my part-time work here. We are both volunteering at the hospital and plan on doing some traveling.

    My favorite meal: I really love food so to pick a favorite meal is not easy. However, I do like a good piece of prime rib, a good ribeye on the grill, or barbecued baby back ribs, all served with Gail's delicious garlic-sour cream smashed potatoes!

  • Meagan Wallinga - Media Specialist


    Where I came from:  I'm originally from southeastern Nebraska and attended Northwestern for Computer Science and Softball. Orange City has been my home ever since.

    My family:
    My husband, Mike, is the Director of Institutional Research at Northwestern College and we have three intelligent, kind, beautiful girls.

    My favorite meal: I would say a delicious brunch is my favorite meal.

  • PHIlip De Koster - Choir Director

    Where I came from:  My parents?  (probably shouldn't put that).  I'm from Hull, went to college at Iowa State University and Law School at Drake Law School, practiced law in Des Moines for 3 years, and then returned to Hull.

    My family:  Rosalyn (the Director of Youth Ministries) and Joshua

    My favorite meal:  I never know how to answer this question, but I'll say anything from The Cafe in Ames.

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