American Reformed Church (ARC) is governed by the Consistory.

The Consistory at ARC:

  • provides leadership, guidance and direction for ARC
  • is called by God to represent Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • is made up of ARC members who are ordained and installed into their offices
  • is comprised of two ministers of Word and sacrament, six elders and six deacons
  • holds responsibility for all ministry at ARC.

Ministers of Word and Sacrament:
Elizabeth Ann Brown Hardeman
Michael Hardeman

Benjamin Langton, Vice President

Lynne Hubers, Clerk

Marlene De Zeeuw

Bill Kepp

Wanda Korthals

Kim Van Es

Ryan Visser, Chair

Gary Richardson, Vice Chair

Deb Anderson

Pam Boonstra
Mary Fernow
Brent Sampson

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Ministry Team Leaders

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