A Place to Belong

People call American Reformed Church "a church where anyone can go."

Exactly. We love that. Our doors and hearts are open to anyone -- including you.

Join us for worship at 9:30 or contact us if you have any other questions.


Consider making American Reformed Church your church home away from home.

Student Stories

Daniel Tolsma

NWC ’20


I grew up in Orange City and have attended American Reformed all my life. ARC is like an extension of my family—it’s a special place where you can be known. It is a place you can go every week where people truly care about your wellbeing. I also love the hospitality of ARC; so many members care about your life and how you are growing in your faith.


The worship feels different too. I love how ARC has not forgotten about the organ and hymns. I feel like when I sing hymns I am worshipping with Christians of all generations. The pastors make the message very approachable yet incredibly thought provoking. I love their sermons! I also appreciate how ARC embraces women in ministry.


If I have anything to share with other students, it’s that in ARC you will find a community that cares for others above themselves. The pastors take a personal interest in knowing everyone, and everybody is accepted no matter what.  

Beth Benschoter

NWC ’18


Not being from Orange City, one of the things I appreciate most about American is that the congregation does a great job of making each student feel noticed and welcome. When I walk in the doors each Sunday, I won't last more than a minute before somebody approaches me to ask about my week. And there are so many different people from various walks of life. It is awesome to see a diverse community come together to worship every week.


I’ve attended ARC for 2 years while at NWC. I enjoy the worship service because it incorporates both contemporary and traditional styles, and the sermons are always applicable and engaging. I have also interned as a Middle School Youth Group leader and then transitioned into a small group leader role. ARC is special because there is an evident sense of belonging that pulls each member to get involved. So many congregation members help to make the ARC programs run smoothly.


ARC has definitely been a wonderful home-away-from-home.