ARC helps purchase a truck in Bluefields, Nicaragua.

"Oh yes! I love to share the journey! But before that THANKS so much to all who did something to make our car dream come true! Before leaving Managua, we (Frank, my brother-in-law, and myself) went to a Gas Station and filled the tank with diesel and left Managua at 3:00 PM. On our way we stopped at a place where they had some 20 gallon plastic containers on sale so I bought 4 of them to use them to put fuel for the river trips with the medical brigades. Minutes later we were all getting hungry since we had not had lunch before so Frank stopped at a road side very good restaurant and we had a very good meal. Then we jumped back on the car and the dusk came down and night caught us. While driving in the night everything was very pleasant and I almost fell a sleep with the nice air condition that the car has but suddenly I saw a high light flash from behind, it was a pick up truck. When it got closer to us it kept flashing his light up and down constantly so we got somewhat scared thinking what was going on with the driver. We thought he was signaling asking for permission to pass and get ahead but whenever we slow down, and get more on our right hand side, the truck would slow down and would never pass, so I thought, I hope he or they are not some thieves who are trying kill us and steal the car. So Frank said you know what, I am going to enter to the following small city and park for a while to let this crazy driver pass. That's what we did and thank God the truck passed. A few minutes later we kept on our journey and got to Rama City by 7: 45 PM. This is where the road ended. Here Frank recommended us a good hotel that had a big garage to put the truck safely in and to spend the night. The following day Frank drove the truck to the place where the barge was and we my brother in law and myself bought a boat ride and left to Bluefields while Frank stayed as responsible to come with the Barge. So the following day at 5: 30 in the morning the barge came in to Bluefields and Frank took it down from the Barge to Bluefields City ground. Praise God that the truck didn't suffer any bad scratch or- accident."

-Pastor Adrian Bobb-Kelly